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A Long Road to Recovery

By Jase Stallard, Dec 29 2015 07:59PM

Two weeks before the release of our debut album, I get a phone call from Gricey. "Alan's been diagnosed with Cancer and has to have an operation". This moment I then realised that I could lose a great friend and a member of the band that I had only known since The Sanity Days got together.

The first operation wasn't successful and Alan now had to go through another operation whilst going through the chemotherapy cycle. After a long process Alan has ended up without some internal organs and is now Cancer free but it's still not all clear yet as he still battles with an infection he's endured since his operation.

It also meant that the album wasn't going to be followed with promotional tours that we were offered supporting some great acts.

To this day the band still wait in anticipation as to when we will eventually promote the album. Until then, I'm wishing Al all the best at getting well soon.

Jase Stallard

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